Business: These taxes will fall in 2021

The corporate income tax (CIT) rate will continue to decline and some production taxes will disappear.

In 2021, the corporate income tax (CIT) rate will rise from 26.5% for companies with a turnover of less than €250 million to 27.5% for large companies (turnover equal to or greater than €250 million). A measure to strengthen the competitiveness of French companies. Those with a turnover of less than €250 million currently pay a rate of 28%, the others a rate of 31%, while the average in developed countries is 23.5% - according to the OECD. By 2022, the target is for all companies to pay a rate of 25 per cent.

In the company's sights for decades, production taxes will be cut by 10 billion from next year. This is the flagship measure of the 2021 budget. Last summer, Prime Minister Jean Castex said that this tax on factors of production, which applies regardless of the company's profits, was "punitive". Initially, the business value added tax (CVAE) will be reduced by half, as will the business property tax (CFE) and the property tax on built property (TFPB). In addition, to ensure that some of the gains from these cuts are not neutralised, the government has lowered the ceiling rate for the territorial economic contribution (CET) from 3% to 2% based on value added.