The services provided by MARTINET-LONGEANIE Law Firm can be settled using three billing methods depending on the type of situation:

1. Hourly rate applied to time spent

In this case, our firm will provide supporting documentation for the time spent on your case, by means of a time sheet accurately reproducing the progress of our work.

This choice provides the guarantee that the invoice will not exceed your counsel's fees.

The hourly rate then applied is €270.00 excluding VAT for individuals and €300.00 excluding VAT for companies.

2. Lump-sum fee

The lump-sum fee is calculated on the basis of a fixed quota of hours together with a performance fee to be applied to the enforcement of the decision.

This method has the advantage of associating our law firm with your risk. However, it is important to ensure that none of the parties feel aggrieved. Everything will therefore depend on the assessment of the measures taken, which is always delicate to estimate.

3. Monthly subscription

The monthly subscription is the best way for our firm to gain your loyalty. In particular it offers the option of applying a sliding scale of charges as soon as the monthly quota defined between the client and our firm is exceeded.

The monthly budget is carried forward to the following month.

4. Online consultation

We offer online consultations that can be organised swiftly:

Simple case

  • 30 minutes: €120.00 incl. VAT, including 15 minutes free of charge to present the background,
  • 1 hour: €360 incl. VAT, including a written consultation setting out the options available to you.

Complex case

  • 1 hour: 480 € TTC, including a written consultation setting out the options available to you.

N.B.: These sums are assigned to the cost of any case we are entrusted with, after consultation.

Contingency Fees

It is ethically impossible in France to charge only a fee for results (quota litis pact).

Indeed, France lags behind the United States, where this practice is widespread.

On the other hand, a contingency fee is authorised on condition that this fee, linked to the success of the action taken, is additional to the remuneration for the services provided.