sports law

MARTINET-LONGEANIE has developed a particular expertise in the field of labour law, that of sports law.

Want to know how to boost working capital requirements when subsidies are taking their time? Have you just hired foreign players?

The firm can assist you in both English and Spanish. Remember that, apart from a communication problem, employment contracts must be written in a language that is perfectly intelligible to the player.

The firm acts before the commissions of the French Rugby Federation, for example, when it’s time to let go of one of your foreign players who has decided to join another team at the end of his first season despite your investment in a two-season contract. We have excelled acting before the National Olympic Committee because the Paris Ile-de-France Football League failed to properly apply sporting rules (FCDE).

Likewise, your agent takes the side of either the players or your team: it’s time to refer the matter to the sports agents' commission, arguing that the latter is the sole holder of his licence, yet he has billed you through his company, in which he is the sole shareholder (Deuil Enghien Football Club/Marseille Vitrolles Club decision).

Nevertheless, we never lose sight of the fact the world of sports is a fraternal one, and matters need to be resolved in this spirit.

Thus, in practice, it is exceedingly rare to find oneself before the ordinary courts because sportsmen and women have clearly understood that recourse to arbitration by their own peers is by far the best means of settling disputes.

The firm will be happy to act on your behalf as well as theirs.